Herbicide Resistance Diagnostic Lab

Auburn University diagnostic testing of herbicide resistant weeds.

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AU Herbicide Resistance Diagnostic Lab

Are your weeds resistant? Find out with diagnostic testing by Auburn’s Herbicide Resistance Diagnostic Lab.

Weed Diagnostic Testing

Find out for certain if your weeds are resistant to a given herbicide.

The Auburn University Herbicide Resistance Diagnostic Lab offers three different diagnostic screenings: Rapid Screening, Traditional Bioassay Screening, and DNA Sequencing.




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Dr. Scott McElroy
Professor (Weed Science/Turf)
Auburn Univ, AL 36849
(334) 844-3992

Why is Weed Testing Important?

Proper diagnosis of herbicide resistance is key to weed management. Applications of herbicides to resistant populations result in unnecessary herbicide sprayed in the environment and money lost due to herbicide, equipment, and labor expenses.

Also, applying herbicides to resistant weed populations further perpetuates the resistant populations by killing off susceptible plants and allow resistant plants to thrive.

Common Weeds Tested

The major weeds tested in the resistance lab are: Annual bluegrass, goosegrass, and annual sedges/kyllingas. Assays can be adapted to any weed species. Contact the lab for more information.


Battling herbicide resistance requires a team effort. The Herbicide Resistance Diagnostic Lab would like to acknowledge collaborators who help to solve resistance issues and jointly work on solutions for herbicide resistance issues.

  • Dr. Patrick McCullough, University of Georgia
  • Dr. Bert McCarty, Clemson University
  • Dr. Shawn Askew, Virginia Tech
  • Dr. Jim Baird, University of California-Riverside

Contact the Lab

For more information contact Dr. Scott McElroy and the resistance lab staff at resistancelab@auburn.edu.

He or someone from the lab will contact you to discuss your specific herbicide resistance issue and how the resistance lab can help to resolve your problem.