Strategic Plan — Extension

Our Impact: Extension

GOAL:  Inspire and empower others and provide leadership to improve the profitability, quality of life, and societal well-being for people in Alabama through science-based Extension programs.


  1. Develop innovative needs-based extension programming.
    1. Develop integrated theme-based extension programming which will lead to increased team networking (e.g. water, food safety, climate, economics)
    2. Educate community and commodity leaders to strengthen state-wide agriculture and natural resource related constituencies.
    3. Identify, create, and support continuing education certificate programs that harness faculty expertise
  2. Use targeted, innovative delivery methods tailored to reach meet specific audience and address their unique circumstances.
    1. Engage inter- and intra-generational audiences
    2. Utilize culturally new and familiar techniques to strengthen communication and learning experiences
    3. Reach historically traditional audiences using familiar techniques and newer technology to allow them to move forward in today’s informational environment.
  3. Create a culture of integrated research- based Extension programming.
    1. Facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration, training, and problem solving opportunities
    2. Provide platforms that compare multiple solutions and alternatives to constituent needs
  4. Raise public awareness of and access to Extension programs, resources, career opportunities, and societal impacts.
    1. Initiate and develop collaborations to support community led activities that reach audiences not previously served by Extension.
    2. Provide opportunities for students to participate and interact in Extension programming and activities and develop them as future Extension advocates
    3. Engage non-Extension faculty in Extension programming and activities to meet needs of stakeholders.

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