War Eagle Words Student News

March 2017



Amirah HillWhen you ask Amirah Hill what her plans are after graduation, you may be surprised by the answer you get.

The 21-year-old Fort Lauderdale, Florida, native stays busy by double majoring in chemistry and horticulture, with an option in fruit and vegetable production. But receiving both those degrees is only a small piece of her pie.

After graduation, she plans to attend osteopathic medical school, then, eventually get back to her roots and open her own business to treat others’ needs.

“My ultimate dream is to have a clinic, ideally, on a piece of farmland,” Amirah says. “Being in agriculture, I’ve seen you’re more apt to eat something if you’ve had a hand in growing it yourself. And I think that would be so helpful to people.”

Her family moved to Alabama after parents Gary and Darnita, both doctors of osteopathic medicine, landed jobs at the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine on Auburn’s campus.

Amirah says she would not be where she is today if it weren’t for that fateful move to the Plains.

“If we hadn’t come to Alabama, I would’ve never gotten into to agriculture,” Amirah says. “We moved here because both of my parents got jobs in the medical school. It may have been kind random how we moved here, but, for what it’s worth, I appreciate it.”

Besides staying busy with school, Amirah works in the medical school library, is a violinist in the Auburn University orchestra and a former Ag Ambassador.

Although the graduating senior didn’t always know she’d call the College of Agriculture her home, she always knew she wanted to put her time and energy to good use by producing a service to help others.

“I’ve always wanted to major in something that I could create something with,” Amirah says. “Ultimately, my goal is to go to medical school after graduation, get some land and start up my own business. I realized I could follow that dream in the College of Agriculture.”