War Eagle Words Student News

December 2016



Cam HumphreyCam Humphrey is proof you don’t have to come from an agricultural background to be involved in the industry.

Growing up in the heart of Birmingham, Alabama, the sophomore in agricultural business and economics felt as if he were a part of something larger than himself when he joined the College of Agriculture.

“Everyone in the college welcomed me in with open arms when I first got here,” Cam says. “I knew I wanted to do something business-related, and I heard about the agbusiness program here and how much I would be able to do with it once I received my degree. So far, it’s been a wonderful decision.”

The College of Agriculture’s programs are designed to educate students from all walks of life, whether they come from an agricultural background or not.

Cam says that is one of the most valuable benefits the college has to offer.

“I come from a big city, having no prior involvement in agriculture, so the transition from that to learning about the industry as a whole has been easy because of the way the classes are set up,” Cam says. “I learn new things about the industry everyday, but that’s what I’m here to do—grow and learn.”

As an Ag Ambassador, Cam works to promote the college and Auburn University as a whole.

He says he has found serving on the Ag Ambassador team a unique opportunity to represent the college by assisting with events and meeting prospective students, which is one of his favorite ambassador duties.

“Telling possible future students about what we do here is very inspiring to me,” Cam says. “I love to get them thinking about agriculture, especially because many of them probably come from a non-agricultural background as I did.”

Apart from ambassador duties and studying, Cam is a member of the Black Student Union, and he enjoys spending time with his friends and exploring everything the city of Auburn has to offer.

“Life in Auburn is just something special,” Cam says. “From going to the football games to everyday life, it’s really made a huge impact on my experience here.”

Following graduation, Cam plans to attend law school and wants to continue to be involved in the industry by practicing agricultural law.