War Eagle Words Student News


September 2015


Ellie IsbellI visited campus for the first time when I was seven years old, and I dreamed of becoming an Auburn student from that day forward. When the time came for me to begin applying for college, the only school I willingly applied to was Auburn University.  

After I received my acceptance letter from the university, I began exploring the 14 diverse colleges and schools Auburn has to offer. I was immediately drawn to agriculture because my dad, alongside my grandfather and uncle, owns and operates Isbell Farms in North Alabama. The choice to pursue agriculture was a no-brainer for me. I grew up going to visit my dad in the field, playing in cotton seed at the local gin and listening to the men talk about irrigation at every family meal.

Leaving my small familiar town, family farm and four little sisters was not easy, but the College of Agriculture has become my family away from home. The people within agriculture care about each other like nothing I have ever experienced. My transition to college would have looked much different without the personal relationship I formed with my faculty advisor, Joni Richards, the help from the student services team and deans and my professors who took the time to learn my name and interests.

I thought my passion for the agriculture industry when I came to Auburn was rich due to my background, but it didn’t take long on Ag Hill for my passion to grow exponentially. I began the agricultural communications curriculum, which allows me to take a broad range of agriculture classes, and absolutely fell deeper in love with agriculture than I have ever been. Being in classes with other people who are also passionate about agriculture was instrumental in solidifying my decision to pursue a degree in agriculture.

Last fall I had the opportunity to attend the Agriculture Future of America (AFA) Leaders Conference in Kansas City, Missouri. AFA allowed me to network with industry representatives and agriculture students from across the country. Without Auburn Agriculture, I would not have experienced this invaluable personal development opportunity.

Not only has the College of Agriculture strengthened my love for the industry and helped me grow professionally, but it has also given me numerous opportunities to become involved on campus and meet people. I serve as an Ag Ambassador, which has allowed me to form relationships with students and faculty inside the college that I would have never met otherwise. Ag Ambassadors has also taught me everything I could ever want to know about the College of Agriculture, and allows me to serve current students, alumni and prospective students. Being a student in the College of Agriculture has also given me the opportunity to work in the college’s office of communications and marketing.

When I’m not taking classes, volunteering or working in Comer Hall, I serve as an intern for the Auburn Athletics Marketing Department, a Project Uplift mentor and am active with the Auburn Baptist Campus Ministries.