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 October 2014

YOU NEED TO KNOW: Wiley Bailey

by Megan Saunders, Junior/Agricultural Business and Economics

Wiley Bailey

Wiley Bailey is a senior studying agricultural communications and is originally from Sand Rock, Alabama. While serving as the 2012-2013 Southern Region vice president for National FFA, Wiley traveled 120,000 miles speaking to high school students and meeting with sponsors of the FFA. Upon completing his year of service, he spent a month in Nepal as a Christian missionary. Wiley returned to Auburn in the spring of 2014 and followed a calling to apply for Plainsmen and was selected. After graduation, Wiley, who plays the banjo in his family’s gospel band and is a member of Legacy Brotherhood Fraternity, plans to pursue a career in full-time ministry.

What drew you to Auburn University and the College of Agriculture?

My dad is an Auburn graduate and brought my brothers and me to Auburn since we were in diapers. Growing up on a cattle farm and being involved with the National FFA Organization directed me to the College of Agriculture and agricultural communications.

What advice do you have for students looking at Auburn and the College of Agriculture?

Students interested in the College of Agriculture should meet with professors in the specific major they are considering. They should also talk with students about what happens in the classroom and discover whether the curriculum lines up with their interests. This helped me decide which major to pursue.

What is your favorite Auburn tradition? What has been your most exciting moment here at Auburn?

My favorite Auburn tradition is saying War Eagle. I have traveled through many airports, and one of the most exciting things to find is another Auburn fan who will respond to War Eagle.

What was your favorite part of being a National FFA officer? What was the biggest impact your year of service as the Southern Region vice president had on you?

I believe the Lord gave me a prime opportunity to shine his light while traveling 120,000 miles through 40 states. Being in a different state every three days allowed me to see the beauty of our country, but also the overwhelming need. The biggest impact was a cultivated burden to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with America.

As a Plainsman, what are your duties? How did you decide to become a Plainsman?

The War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen have the honor and duty of representing Auburn University students to faculty, administrators and the community. I wanted to be a Plainsman to experience Auburn in different ways. Plainsmen and War Eagle Girls work with Auburn’s administration and learn about our university from the inside. Meeting donors and alumni of Auburn teaches you to be thankful for our facilities and the quality education we are receiving. I have the privilege of working with 24 highly motivated Auburn students that challenge me every week!

Be sure to check out the College of Agriculture’s booth at National FFA Convention October 29 – November 1. We’d love to stop and chat with you!