Olivia Elliott — Ecological Engineering

Photo of student in research labOlivia Elliott

Olivia’s research will run preliminary growth experiments to discover the role of two environmental factors – flow velocity and nutrient content – in determining the colonization and growth of algae, specifically Spirogyra, in cultivation reactors. The conclusions of this research will be collected in a database and used as a reference for those interested in culturing algae and obtaining optimal algal growth in the future. This research will also be useful for designing large-scale algal biofilm reactors for pollution recovery and biomass production. Olivia hopes to pursue a career in pollution recovery in waterways and believes the results of her research as an Undergraduate Fellow and her connections gained through this fellowship will give her an edge in an increasingly competitive workforce.

Project Title: The Effects of Intersecting Limiting Factors on the Colonization and Growth of Algae in Cultivation Systems
Mentor: Dr. David Blersch, Department of Biosystems Engineering