* P.F. Singley

Percy Felton Singley was born in Columbia, Mississippi, where he finished high school. He went on to get a degree from Pearl River Junior College. After working for several years, P.F., as he is know to his legion of friends, came to Auburn to complete a bachelor’s degree in agriculture.

He worked with Civilian Conservation Corps for a couple of years after completing his junior college degree and Monsanto Chemical Company in Anniston for five years, prior to coming to Auburn. After graduating from Auburn, he worked from 1941 to 1945 for the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service.
In 1945, Mr. Singley began a career in the tractor and farm implement business that would transcend nearly 35 years and unbelievable technological advances. In 1954, he became owner and operator of Thorsby Tractor Company, making a tremendous positive impact on the agricultural economy of Alabama.

Mr. Singley’s career in Thorsby mirrors the development and growth of the peach industry in Alabama. When equipment wasn’t available to peach growers, Mr. Singley found, bought it, or borrowed it, often loaning equipment to fledgling peach producers.

In addition to his service to agriculture, Mr. Singley provided community leadership, serving as an officer in the Chilton County Chamber of Commerce, North Chilton Industrial Development Corporation, and remains on the board of directors of the Chilton County Hospital and the County Emergency Assistance Center.

Mr. Singley’s wife, Caroly, died in 1997. They have two daughters, Jane Parker, who lives in Auburn and Cindy Singley, who lives in Birmingham, and three grandchildren.