Toomer's for Tigers


Each year, the College of Agriculture’s Student Services Office hosts more than 150 high school students for individual visits, pairing each prospective Tiger with a current College of Ag student who’s serving as an Ag Ambassador. Starting this year, with your help, each young person who comes to campus to learn more about our college will get a special treat: an ice cold Toomer’s lemonade.

 All it takes is a few clicks online to donate $6 to cover the cost of two lemonades—one each for the Ag Ambassador and the visiting student—and potentially make the kind of lasting impact that seals the deal and brings another bright young mind to Ag Hill. What’s more, each student who enjoys a glass at Toomer’s will also receive a personalized note from the donor who made that refreshment—and memory—possible.

 Toomer’s for Tigers gives every person who loves Auburn and the College of Agriculture an opportunity to give back or pay it forward, from far-flung alumni to current underclassmen. Can’t think of a better way to invest $6? Send in your message and donate today!

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