Academic Standing


In the semester system, grade reports are issued at the end of each semester or two times during the academic year, fall and spring and a third time in the summer.

Academic Warning status is imposed at the end of any term for which the student’s cumulative GPA on Auburn course work is below 2.00.

Any student who is on Academic Warning status will be placed on Academic Suspension if both of the following conditions apply:

The semester GPA is below a 2.2 and

The cumulative GPA on Auburn coursework is below that required for the designated number of hours earned as follows:

Seniors and 5th Year………1.974




A student suspended at the end of spring semester is out of school for the following fall semester and can return in the spring semester, which begins in January.

All students including beginning freshmen and transfers are not subject to suspension until they have received one semester warning.

A student who incurs a First Academic Suspension may not enroll in the University for a minimum of one semester. Summer term does not count as a semester for terms of suspension. A student returning from academic suspension will be on Academic Warning status.

A student who incurs a Second Academic Suspension may not enroll in the University for a minimum of two semesters.

A student who incurs a Third Academic Suspension will be expelled from the University.

NOTE: The main point is students have one semester on warning. If they go on warning at the end of fall and do not make their grades, they are suspended at the end of spring.


If a student is placed on academic warning it is imperative that he/she seek assistance immediately. There are a number of things a student can do:

– see an academic advisor

– come to any unit of the Student Success Center (Career Development Services, Academic Support, Student Counseling, Freshmen Year Experience)

– talk to faculty or associate deans in his/her college.

Seeking help at the first sign of trouble is the key to success.