COA Grade AdjustmentĀ 
Policy & Worksheet

All regularly admitted undergraduate students, who were enrolled during Fall 2000, or after, may delete a maximum of three (3) course grades of D or F (including FA or U) associated with their undergraduate degree from the calculation of their grade point average.

What you need to know about GAP:

  • GAP does not apply to the professional students in pharmacy and veterinary medicine.
  • All core courses and those courses offered for a major must be met for graduation. If deleted through GAP, these required courses must be repeated at Auburn University.
  • All courses for which a grade has been assigned will remain on the transcript. However, the notation will appear that the work is not included in the GPA.
  • Although this adjusted GPA may positively affect your enrollment status, decisions regarding admission to honor societies orĀ graduate/professional schools are likely to be based on all grades in all courses attempted.
  • Students interested in taking advantage of the Grade Adjustment Policy should complete the proper steps and GAP worksheet. When the change has been made, it cannot be changed back.
  • The purpose of this policy is to maintain academic eligibility for the next semester. This applies to students who have been Academic Warning for at least one semester. This policy is not intended to improve your GPA for other purposes.

Still want to GAP? Follow these steps:

  1. Read the policy in the AU BulletinĀ Grade Adjustment.
  2. Complete the GAP Video & Test found on the My Academics tab of AU Access.Ā You must answer all 10 questions correctly to proceed with the GAP process.
  3. Calculate which course(s) you wish to GAP; select those with the most mathematical improvement to your cumulative Grade Point Average.
  4. Complete the College of Agriculture GAP Worksheet and submit. Be sure to check the ā€œI agreeā€ box, indicating you understand the grade adjustment policy.

Your submitted GAP worksheet will be reviewed by the COA Academic Advisor and discussed with the Associate Dean for Instruction to obtain approval on the worksheet. If approved, the Academic Advisor will submit the GAP request for processing and you will receive an email with instructions for completing the GAP Acknowledgment. If approved and the acknowledgment is completed, you will receive a final notification that your grade adjustment(s) has been applied.

COA GAP Worksheet


(NOTE: If you are unable to access the GAP worksheet from off-campus locations, please use the username formatĀ auburnAuburnID when prompted. For example, if your Auburn ID were SmithABC, you would use the username format auburnSmithABC.)

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