Herdsman’s House

Photo of the Herdsman's House at Ag Heritage ParkThe Herdsman’s House is one of three houses constructed around 1929 and originally located in the area where the AU Athletic Complex now sits.  No records exist to document their relocation to the present site; however, for many years, these houses were provided as on-site residence for personnel who tended the herd (dairy and/or bull test) and ran the dairy. 

As the site transitioned to predominantly teaching activities, student employees were the caretakers of the animals. From 1998 to late 2002, the Herdsman’s House became residence for the student worker(s). 

After the house was vacated, renovations were initiated which included a new roof, window replacement, removal of carpet, floor refinishing, and repainting of the interior and exterior.  The second phase of remodeling began in August 2004, thanks to generous gifts from Mrs. Kay Beaty and Mr. & Mrs. Farmer Meadows.  Work included extensive kitchen renovations, interior repainting and updating of the restroom to meet ADA requirements. An exterior ramp at the back of the house was also added.

A reception was held in September 2007 to honor the Meadows family.  At that time, the family was presented with a pictorial catalogue of various vignettes and items purchased and/or donated to furnish the house to period.  Items showcased include a collection of shoe-making tools and many household and kitchen items.

Ag Land & Resource Management crews have landscaped around the house and worked to improve the lawn area, adding material to raise the elevation of the yard and putting in sod to improve drainage and usability. In addition, site-appropriate fencing was extended in front of and on the west side of the house to add definition to the area and provide greater opportunities for events.