Global Programs Advisory Committee (GPAC) Spring 2020 Meeting Minutes

Global Programs Advisory Committee (GPAC) Spring 2020 Meeting Minutes

Thursday, February 13, 2020


William Batchelor (guest), Anis Bouselmi, Henry Fadamiro, Xing-Ping Hu, Tung-shi Huang, Wilmer Pacheco, Alicia Powers, Kelly Pippin, Yifen Wang


Yifen Wang called the meeting to order at 11:40 a.m. Yifen Wang was elected to continue serve as the GPAC chair for another one-year term – unanimous approval. Meeting attendee self-introduction: William Batchelor (BSEN) was invited as a guest to briefly talk about the college’s China programs.


Study Abroad:
  • The college canceled the Maymester Study Abroad program in China for Summer 2020 due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus (2019 – nCoV).
  • Starting 2021, the college’s featured Spring Break study abroad program will include a new location – Argentina. Moving forward, the Spring Break study abroad program locations will be rotating between Peru and Argentina.
  • Alicia Powers from the College of Human Sciences will be leading a study abroad program in South Africa in April 2020. This program will last 8 weeks and students will receive credit hours. The host university has a sustainable agriculture program, Alicia will be interacting with this group and college further information for the GPAC.
The college is exploring new study abroad programs in Latin America, the proposed locations are: Costa Rica and Guatemala.
Faculty Abroad:
The College of Agriculture Dean’s Office continues to support faculty travel abroad for research, education and outreach activities. Four faculty received funding support to present their papers during international conferences in Fall 2019. The amount of support is based on the nature of international activities. Please email Kelly Pippin at if you would like to request travel support from the college.
The Colleges of Agriculture, Human Sciences and School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences have joined forces to form an AU delegation to visit Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza (CATIE) and EARTH University in Costa Rica in 2020. Exact visiting period is to be announced.
Led by the Department of Poultry Science, the college is looking into pay a visit to Zamorano University again this year to strengthen the existing relationship.
3+2/3+1 Programs
College-level general MOU(s):
Refer to OGP’s Spring 2020 report (online) to find recently signed/renewed MOUs.
Comments/updates from members:

A short briefing from guest speaker William Batchelor about the China programs includes:

  • His academic background (crop modeling) and his current academic collaboration with two top agriculture universities in China (China Agricultural University & Huazhong Agricultural University)
  • An introduction of Dr. Zhaohu Li, who graduated from AU College of Agriculture and is currently serving as the President of Huazhong Agricultural University (HZAU).
  • HZAU’s capacities in terms of its number of students, faculty, accesses to funding, laboratories and research scales.
  • Several programs that HZAU is looking into developing with AU and the college:
    • An umbrella structure: AU Institute
    • Joint PhD program
    • Joint research program (e.g. a seed grant program)
    • 3+2 programs
    • Faculty teaching abroad
    • Faculty and staff exchange programs


  1. Yifen Wang has served as the GPAC chair for one year and eligible for another one-year term – new chair selection – by Dr. Fadamiro and Kelly
  2. Member updates – for those who have to leave early and teach
  3. Office of Global Programs (OGP) Spring 2020 Report – by Kelly
  4. China Programs – by Dr. Batchelor (HZAU & few other key Chinese partners) and Dr. Fadamiro (OUC)
  5. Traveling to China – by Kelly and Dr. Yifen
  6. Opportunities in Latin America – by Dr. Fadamiro (visiting EARTH & CATIE)
  7. Members’ recent international activities/engagements