Payment/Reimbursement and Tax

The College of Agriculture enjoys many international visitors on a yearly basis. These foreign travelers visit our college on various visa categories, and the most commonly seen ones are B-1/B-2 visa, Waiver for Tourist (WT) / Waiver for Business (WB), USAID J-1 scholars/students visa; USDA J-1 scholars/trainees visa.

For those whose travel expenses will be reimbursed or whose services will be paid, departments need to coordinate with the following offices to set things up in advance. This also applies when preparing grant proposals or contracts. To avoid the same questions being asked by multiple individuals concerning the same guest or entity, it is important to either run your questions through the Office of Global Programs, the College of Agriculture’s business office or your department’s business office.

For any tax advice, please contact:

Tammy Moore | Manager, Tax Compliance | Office of Controller | | 334-844-4754 (office)

Resource: Payment/Reimbursement request form for Non-US persons and entities

Note: When it comes to payment/reimbursement for a Non-US person, please always complete the above request form with Tammy Moore first. Tax and federal immigration laws restrict the types of services a Non-US citizen may perform and the types of payments and/or reimbursements they are allowed to receive. It is imperative to know before the guest arrives at Auburn or before you submit a proposal for funding their immigration status and whether they are traveling to AU from outside or inside the US.

To finalize payment/reimbursement method(s), please contact:

Debby Miller | Assistant Director, Procurement and Payment Services | | 334-844-7771 (office)