Tankersley Endowment

The Tankersley Endowment was awarded to Auburn University by Jack and Mary Tankersley in December 1988, specifically to strengthen the network and support activities of the International Center for Aquaculture and Aquatic Environments (ICAAE). The ICAAE is an interdisciplinary outreach center that joins and coordinates the talents and experiences of the Auburn University (AU) College of Agriculture, especially the Department of Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures. Other academic units at AU, and AU alumni, friends and partners in the U.S. and other countries also make significant contributions to the work of the ICAAE.

The goal of the ICAAE is to extend aquatic resources management assistance to people and communities in geographical areas of need. The Auburn University program in aquatic resources continues to be recognized as a leading worldwide program. The Tankersley Endowment has provided consistent funding to maintain and enrich ICAAE activities. The flexibility of the Tankersley Endowment agreement allows its earnings to be used for network activities where other resources are not available, and allows the ICAAE to carry on critical activities consistent with its mission. The ICAAE focuses Endowment expenditures on community-based watershed stewardship, aquaculture, and fisheries in
needy communities around the world.

The Tankersley Endowment is administered by the Director of the School of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences.