Hear what our current and past students have to say about our programs!

“I talked with my adviser about my interests and we both figured out with my resources and my location what would be best and ideal for me to work around, and would be adaptable, and require minimal equipment, so that I could do the research at home and do something that I’m interested and passionate about.”
“The studying from home has been extremely convenient…I get to make make my own schedule and if there are any changes in family schedule, my school schedule’s easily adapted around that.”

– Melissa DeHart

M.S. Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences


“Since I got my master’s, I obtained my Certified Crop Advisers license, and that’s opened some more doors for me as a person but also for SunSouth as an employer because we were able to reach a new milestone in our precision ag dept being a face for dealers so we have the ability to sell any of the options John Deere offers now.”

– Russ Worsley
Integrated solutions manager for SunSouth