Tips for New Students

Congratulations and welcome to Auburn Agriculture Online!  Check out the information below to learn the tricks of the trade and make your new educational track a lot easier.

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  How to Apply
  Medical Hold Form Release 
  activating User ID/Email
  AU Access & Class Registration
  NavIgating Canvas 
  Using Panopto
  ProctorinG 101
  How to do AU Checkpoint system 
  Crash Course in Writing
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How to apply

Apply through The Graduate School (  All applicants should plan to provide the following as part of the application…

  • Completed Application through The Graduate School
  • All official Transcripts – email to
  • At least 3 Professional or Academic References – provided as part of the application
  • Statement of Intent – email to
  • GRE Scores (MS Applicants Only) – send to university code 1005

Note some applicants may be required to provide additional documentation.  Contact the Distance Education Office ( for typical qualifications and information on abbreviated requirements for non-degree-seeking students. 

Medical Hold Form Release

Students enrolled in distance programs are exempt from the medical clearance forms.  Please contact the Distance Education Office ( to initiate this waiver.  Requests are generally processed same-day.

How to activate user id/auburn email

Activate your new user id using the link below.  Contact OIT ( if you have trouble or if you do not know your new user id.  Your user id will need to be active for you to access things like Canvas, AU Access, and Panopto.  This should be your first step after admission to the University.

Activate User ID

HOW TO Use AU Access

First Year Experience has thorough tutorials on how to register and how to use AU Access.  For more information and to access their resources, visit the link below and if you have any questions or hiccups feel free to contact the Distance Education office ( for more information.

AU Access & Class Registration Assistance AU Access

NavIgating Canvas

Canvas is a learning management software where you will be accessing course content and lectures for your online classes.  To learn how to use it to its full capacity, check out the links below and watch our tutorial videos!

Canvas Getting Started Guide Supported Browsers Tutorial Video Transcript CANVAS












Using Panopto

Panopto is a video hosting website, like YouTube, but for academic institutions.  You will see most of your lectures through Panopto.  To become more familiar with Panopto, explore the links and watch our tutorial video series below!

Panopto Viewing Support Page Tutorial Video Transcript Panopto



Logging into Canvas

Authenticating a Video in Canvas

Going into Panopto

Viewing a Lecture




Proctoring 101

Online courses require their major testing sessions (2-4 per semester typically) be supervised by a qualified, live proctor.  Students local to Auburn are welcome to use the campus testing center.  Distance students need to arrange a proctor using one of two available proctoring brokers.  Instructions for each are below.


ProctorU can match students to virtual proctors quickly.  If your instructor has enabled ProctorU for the course, you may register using the link below.

ProctorU at Auburn University



SmarterProctoring can match students to proctors quickly.  Choose an in-person session or opt to use a “virtual” proctor if your instructor has enabled this feature.  Once you have access to the course, look for the “SmarterProctoring” option in the main menu on the left of the course page.  Choose your test, location, and proctor to schedule the session.  Your instructor will have set up any instructions or downloads needed in advance.

How to do AU Checkpoint system

As a graduate student, there are many forms and procedures required to successfully accomplish your masters program.  It is your responsibility to be aware and follow through with all forms and procedures by each due date, which is why Auburn Agriculture online has developed the Checkpoint system to help you keep up.  Because our degree programs are 100% online, all forms and other requirements are all online as well.

All information can be found on our “Stay on Track” page, but a few things to note:

  • It is imperative you fill out Form 0 at the end of every semester.  This is how we in the Distance Education office and your professor can learn how you are doing each semester.
  • If your Plan of Study or any changes to your Plan of Study are submitted late you will graduate late.  Be sure to submit it and all other materials by the due dates.  However, sooner is always better in case you run into any complications.

For questions and more information, feel free to visit our Staying on Track page or contact the Distance Education office (

Staying on Track

Crash Course in Writing

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