CSES 2043 Basic Soil Science

The objectives of this course are to provide a general understanding of soil science as related to soil composition, properties and bio-chemical reactions so that students understand the importance of soils in the environment in which we live. 

In this course, students will learn about the following:

  • Fundamental concepts of soil science disciplines
  • Basic soil physical and chemical properties and soil taxonomy
  • Soil water, gas, temperature and their movements
  • Major chemical reactions in the soil
  • Soil as a medium for plant growth, microbial activity and nutrient cycle
  • Major soil degradation and pollution problems
  • Application of geographic information systems and remote sensing to soil science

Each student will be required to complete a series of assignments, quizzes, three examinations and a proctored final examination.

This course includes a lab.  Online students will need to purchase a lab kit containing supplies for at-home labs.  These kits are available through the Department for $30 each.  Other labs will consist of viewing video recordings, performing simulation exercises and calculations, summarizing the exercises and writing reports.

This course is useful for anyone planning a career in agriculture or environmental science, as well as those interested in the basic science behind soils. Golf course managers, agriculture consultants, landscapers, land surveyors, agronomists, park mangers and many other professionals would benefit from taking this course because soil is a major parameter in their daily activities.

4 credits.

Online students will need to purchase a Soil Science lab kit ($30) through The College of Agriculture’s marketplace.

Purchase Soil Science Lab Kit

CHEM 1010/1011 Survey of Chemistry I (lecture/lab) or CHEM 1030/1031 Fundamentals of Chemistry (lecture/lab)

Nyle C. Brady and Ray R. Weil. 2002. The Nature and Properties of Soils, 14th Edition. Prentice Hall, Publisher.


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