College of Agriculture Promotion and Tenure Committee


The College of Agriculture Promotion and Tenure Committee is an advisory committee to the dean of the college on promotion and tenure decisions and other faculty personnel matters the dean wishes to refer to the committee. The committee’s deliberations on promotion and tenure cases will evaluate the department’s assessment of a candidate for tenure and/or promotion based on the department’s stated promotion and tenure guidelines and offer input on the candidate’s overall contribution to the mission of the college.


  1. The Associate Dean for Instruction and Associate Dean for Research will serve as ex officio, non-voting members of the committee. These individuals will serve as co-chair for the committee on a rotating basis for a one year term; the co-chair will only vote in the event of a tie vote. This co-chair will help facilitate meetings, collect and disseminate P&T packets, and assist in forming the committee. The Associate Dean for Extension will also serve as an ex officio committee member. The Associate Deans are expected to provide input on the performance of the candidates in their areas of immediate concern—teaching, research, and extension.
  2. The committee will be composed of one tenured faculty member from each department in the college with each member holding the rank of Professor. Each department will elect two candidate members. The two suggested members will be submitted to the dean, who will determine the final membership, while attempting to achieve some balance in mission area representation (research, teaching, and extension) based on appointment and gender, race, and ethnicity. The dean will notify the department head and candidates on his/her decision. The faculty members will elect a faculty co-chair. The faculty co-chair will moderate the meetings and make committee assignments.
  3. Department heads/chairs may not serve on the committee.
  4. Committee appointments shall be for a three year term with staggered appointments by department.
  5. A committee member may serve subsequent terms, but not successive terms.
  6. Committee members may vote for a candidate in their department EITHER as part of the departmental vote OR as part of the college vote but not both.  Committee members may not simultaneously serve on the university promotion and tenure committee.
  7. Written evaluations and recommendations will be presented by the College Promotion and Tenure Committee to the dean for each case. The committee will determine who has the responsibility for preparing the report for each case; minority opinion reports may be submitted to the dean.
  8. All deliberations and decisions by the committee are to be kept confidential.


Dr. Charles Chen (Crop, Soil and Environmental Science)
Term Ends: 7/2021

Dr. Ken Macklin (Poultry Science)
Term Ends: 7/2021

Dr. Eric Peatman (Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences)
Term Ends: 7/2021

Dr. Sushil Adhikari (Biosystems Engineering)
Term Ends: 7/2023

Dr. Michelle Worosz (Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology)
Term ends: 7/2023

Dr. Russ Muntifering (Animal Sciences)
Term ends: 7/2022

Dr. Art Appel (Entomology and Plant Pathology)
Term ends: 7/2022

Dr. Elina Coneva (Horticulture)
Term ends: 7/2022

Associate Dean for Research (Dean’s Office – Ex officio, non-voting)

Associate Dean for Instruction (Dean’s Office – Ex officio, non-voting)

Associate Dean for Extension (Dean’s Office – Ex officio, non-voting)