Outstanding Commitment to Diversity Award


The College of Agriculture has established an annual award to honor full-time faculty, staff and administrative-professional employees who have exhibited outstanding commitment to diversity in their performance, service and collegiality in the workplace.

Nomination Form

All full-time faculty, staff and administrative-professional category employees in the College of Agriculture who have been employees at least one year in a regular, continuing appointment by December 31 of the award year are eligible to be nominated. Nominations are open to individuals, teams, or co-nominees.  Recipients of the award will not be eligible again for a period of two years. Current members of the Diversity Awards Committee are not eligible.

The Diversity Awards Committee is comprised of members of the College of Agriculture Diversity Committee.

The recipient of the award will demonstrate a commitment to diversity in the workplace by developing programs that have an impact on diversity.  This will include working on behalf of diverse populations, representing diverse perspectives, and collaborating with co-workers, and other campus groups. Award winners should develop programs that are inclusive of diverse cultural backgrounds and perspectives of students, co-workers, staff, faculty, and visitors to the College of Agriculture.

An application of the Outstanding Commitment to Diversity Award shall be completed in its entirety along with two letters of support for the nominee from faculty, staff or students from the College of Agriculture or the surrounding community (one letter must be from the College of Agriculture) by the established deadline. Late or incomplete application packets will not be considered. The employee may be nominated by any employee (faculty or staff). The completed packets will be evaluated by the Diversity Awards Committee through a confidential process.  The Dean will have the final approval.

The recipient will receive a certificate and cash award of $1,000. The award is taxable according to IRS guidelines.

The college will announce the winner in December and a certificate will be presented at the annual College of Agriculture award program.