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Poultry Science

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Ken Macklin, Ph.D. is a native of Illinois and has a 50/50 research/extension appointment in the Department of Poultry Science at AU. He is a member of Alabama Poultry & Egg Association, Southern Poultry Science Society, Poultry Science Association, is on the board of the Southern Conference of Avian Disease and is the Treasurer for the AU Chapter of Sigma Xi. Additionally he is involved with several committees at AU as well as several other committees throughout the US.


  • 2003: Ph.D., Poultry Science, Auburn University
  • 1995: M.S., Biology, Northern Illinois University
  • 1992: B.S., Biology, Northern Illinois University


  • Farm food safety
  • Bacterial disease control and prevention
  • Parasite control and prevention in poultry


Currently Dr. Macklin’s lab research involves determining the effect of various feed additives (pre- and probiotics, competitive exclusion, feed ingredients and pharmaceutical) on foodborne bacteria (Salmonella spp, Campylobacter spp, Clostridium perfringens) and pathogens (Clostridium spp, Escherichia coli, Eimeria spp) in poultry. He is also interested in management practices that will reduce both poultry and food pathogens in poultry houses. A reduction of pathogens in the poultry house should increase bird live performance as well as reduce the incidence of these pathogens entering the human food chain.


  • FDSC/POUL 7950 – Graduate Seminar
  • POUL 4980 – Undergraduate Research


Select Publications

  • *Pal, A., M.A. Bailey, *A.A. Talorico, J.T. Krehling, K.S. Macklin, S.B. Price, R.J. Buhr and D.V. Bourassa. 2021. Impact of poultry litter Salmonella levels and moisture on transfer of Salmonella through associated generated dust. Poultry Science. Accepted to Poultry Science April 24, 2021.
  • *Talorico, A.A., M.A. Bailey, *L.R. Munoz, *K.S. Chasteen, *A. Pal, J.T. Krehling, D.V. Bourassa, R.J. Buhr and K.S. Macklin. 2021. The use of Roller Swabs for Salmonella Detection in Poultry Litter. Journal of Applied Poultry Research.
  • *Carrisosa, M., S. Jin, B.A. McCrea, K.S. Macklin, T. Dormitorio and R. Hauck. 2021. Prevalence of select intestinal parasites in Alabama backyard poultry flocks. Animals. 11, 939.
  • Price, P.T., T. Gaydos, H. Legendre, J. Krehling, K. Macklin, and J.C. Padgett. 2021. Production Layer Salmonella Enteritidis control through dry fed pre & probiotic products. Brazilian Journal of Poultry Science. Accepted.
  • Bailey, M.A., J.B. Hess, J.T. Krehling and K.S. Macklin. 2021. Broiler performance and litter ammonia levels as affected by sulfur added to the bird’s diet. Journal of Applied Poultry Research.
  • *Munoz, L., W. Pacheco, R. Hauck and K. Macklin. 2021. Evaluation of commercially manufactured animal feeds to determine presence of Salmonella, Escherichia coli and Clostridium perfringens. Journal of Applied Poultry Research. 30 (2)
  • *Philpot, S.C., K.R. Perryman, K.S. Macklin, W.A. Dozier. 2021. Growth performance, carcass characteristics, ileal microbiota and amino acid digestibility of broilers fed diets varying in supplemental copper concentrations and amino acid density from 1 to 32 days of age. Journal of Applied Poultry Research.
  • *Ovi, F.K., C. Bortoluzzi, T.J. Applegate, C.R. Starkey, K.S. Macklin, A. Morey and W.J. Pacheco. 2020. Effects of pre-pelleting whole corn inclusion on broiler performance, intestinal microbiota and carcass characteristics. Journal of Applied Poultry Research.
  • *Chadwick, E.V., *L. MacKay, J.T. Krehling and K.S. Macklin. 2020. Inoculation route and serotype after Salmonella recovery in the broiler’s digestive tract. Avian Disease, 64 (4), 467-470.
  • Poudel, A. Y. Kang, R.K. Mandal, A. Kalalah, P.Butaye, T. Hathcock, P. Kelly, P. Walz, K. Macklin, R. Cattley, S. Price, F. Adekanmbi, L. Zhang, S. Kitchens, B. Kaltenboeck and C. Wang. 2020. Comparison of microbiota, antimicrobial resistance genes and mobile genetic elements in flies and the feces of sympatric animals. FEMS Microbiological Ecology, 96 (4), fiaa027.
  • Hamilton, M., X. Ma, B. McCrea, M. Carrisosa, K. Macklin, C. Zhang, X. Wang and R. Hauck. 2020. Influence of Eimeria spp. infection on chicken jejunal microbiota and the efficacy of two alternative products against the infection. Avian Disease, 64 (2), 123-129.
  • *Cloft, S.E., S.J. Rochell, K.S. Macklin, and W.A. Dozier. 2019. Effect of dietary amino acid density and feed allocation during the starter period on 41 days of age growth performance and processing characteristics of broiler chickens given coccidiosis vaccination at hatch. Poultry Science, 98 (10), 5005-5016.
  • *Cloft, S.E., S.J. Rochell, K.S. Macklin, and W.A. Dozier. 2019. Effects of pre-starter diets varying in amino acid density given to broiler chickens given coccidiosis vaccination at hatch. Poultry Science, 98 (10), 4878-4888.
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  • Hauck,R., M. Carrisosa, B.A. McCrea, T. Dormitorio, K.S Macklin. 2019. Evaluation of next generation amplicon sequencing to identify Eimeria spp. of chickens. Avian Disease, 63 (4) 577-583.


Having a 50% extension and research appointment means that Ken’s programs must complement each other. His extension programs are geared towards helping both the commercial poultry industry as well as the small flock producer in areas of biosecurity, poultry health, food safety and environmental issues. Ken’s background in genetics, immunology and bacteriology gives him a solid foundation on how to control these issues.

LAB Personnel

  • James T. Krehling – Research Assistant IV
  • Matthew A. Bailey – Post Doctoral Fellow

Current Graduate Students

  • Luis Munoz – PhD Student
  • Kaicie Chasteen – MS Student
  • Aidan Talorico – MS Student
  • John Adkins – MS Student
  • Cesar Escobar – MS Student

Former Graduate Students

  • Zachary Williams – PhD
  • Matthew Bailey – MS
  • Moneca Landry – MAg
  • Anthony Nathan Frazier – MS
  • Katrina English – MS
  • James Krehling – MAg
  • Laci Olivia-Mackay – MAg
  • Elle Chadwick – MS
  • Brittany Singh – MS
  • Lasheda Brooks – MS
  • Luis Munoz – MS