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May 2017

YOU NEED TO KNOW: Carolyn Huntington


Carolyn HuntingtonIf you’re an animal sciences major, chances are you already know undergraduate program officer Carolyn Huntington. If you don’t, you need to.

A Chesterfield, Missouri, native, Huntington attended the University of Illinois, where she received her bachelor’s degree in animal sciences and master’s degree in nutritional sciences. She then went on to receive her Ph.D. in animal sciences from the University of Missouri.

She and her husband, biosystems engineering associate professor Jeremiah Davis, both joined the Auburn family after spending eight years at Mississippi State University. In their spare time, they love to travel and tend to their garden.

What drew you to the College of Agriculture at Auburn?

Growing up, my family had a campground in the Missouri Ozarks. It was an amazing place to explore as children. It is where my love for nature, science and agriculture really began to take root. My husband also works at Auburn in the biosystems engineering department with the National Poultry Technology Center.


What advice do you have for students looking to attend Auburn University and the College of Agriculture?

Take the time to explore what you are passionate about and hear other people’s stories. There are so many fantastic career opportunities in agriculture. Sometimes students can approach their major with tunnel vision and blinders on. Keep your mind and ears open to all of the opportunities because there might be something in store for you that you don’t even know exists but is more fulfilling than the career you currently envision for yourself. Getting involved on campus and doing new things is the way to figure that out.


What is your favorite part of your job? 

I love working with students, hearing them overcome obstacles and seeing their successes. I like encouraging students to think big and apply for opportunities like internships or leadership programs that they might not otherwise consider.


What does a typical day in the office look like for you? 

My office is really busy all the time with student activity—I prefer it that way. When I’m not teaching courses, I’m advising, meeting with students, visiting with prospective families or doing club activities. As the undergraduate coordinator for our department, I oversee assessment, curriculum and advising efforts for us. I need to be knowledgeable of academic policy and deadlines as well as responsible for disseminating that information to our students and other faculty alike in a timely manner. 


What is your favorite Auburn tradition?

My favorite Auburn tradition is sitting in the baseball stadium on a nice, pretty day. I love the sound of a bat connecting with the ball. In my opinion, there is no better way to spend an afternoon.