War Eagle Words Student News

January 2017



Trevor KirklandGrowing up near a lake in Orlando, Florida, Trevor Kirkland has always had a huge compassion for the water, which inspired his choice to attend Auburn.

Trevor, a junior majoring in aquatic resource management, knew he wanted to continue his passion for being around water while he was pursuing his education. After visiting Auburn, he knew this was the place to advance that passion.

“When I visited Auburn the second time, I found out they had the top warm-water fisheries program in the world,” Trevor says. “I ended up loving the university and thought about how cool it would be to say I’m in the best program in the world for my major!”

Trevor wants to continue his education by pursuing a master’s after he completes his undergraduate degree, possibly in a saltwater fisheries program.

He says after graduate school, he wants to work for a saltwater aquaculture facility, or in the fisheries management field.

“I’d love to be able to provide seafood for the growing population through aquaculture, by raising and caring for the animals,” Trevor says. “The thought of being able to do something I love is so fulfilling, whether it be with an aquaculture facility, or managing a fisheries program in commercial fishing waters.”

As a fisheries major, Trevor spends much of his time at the fisheries unit, but he is also an Ag Ambassador for the college.

Trevor says being involved within the college has shaped his experience here at Auburn, because of the close-knit family atmosphere created.

“My experience here was completely different than what I was expecting, and I have loved it,” Trevor says. “I see Dean Patterson in the hallway, and he will stop to have a conversation with me about how everything is going. Another aspect I love is the small class sizes, because you can really create a one-on-one relationship with your professors.”

Trevor also says something he loves about Auburn is the unique way the campus is laid out.

“I love the feel of our campus, because we have a green space used for different activities and a student center the campus is centered around,” he says. “I usually ride my bike to class instead of driving, because Auburn is so pedestrian-friendly and a great walking campus.”

Along with involvement as an Ag Ambassador, Trevor is the men’s club volleyball president, which is one of his favorite activities. He is also a Guy Harvey t-shirt company campus representative for Auburn. As a company representative, he discusses conservation efforts of various saltwater fish species in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean islands with the public.

He encourages future students to get involved while they are students at Auburn and to choose a major that fits them and their future goals.

“All future students should look into their major when they are trying to decide what direction they want to go in life,” Trevor says. “That’s where you are going to spend a majority of your time in your college career, and it’s where you’ll want to get involved in different clubs to create lifetime friends. Choose something you love.”