War Eagle Words Student News


April 2016



Karri Fievet holding a chickKarri Fievet had never even held chicken before coming to college, and now you might call her the queen of poultry. Karri grew up in Hayden, Alabama, a town so small that it doesn’t have a single traffic light. She attended Cullman Area Christian Academy, which is actually a homeschool group, and graduated in a class of one! Although Karri arrived at Auburn with no agriculture background, her love for horses started when she was very young. She trained Tennessee walking horses until she moved to Auburn, and she continues to do so in her spare time.

Due in part to her love of horses as a child, she dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. Her granddad is an Auburn alumnus, and he encouraged her to consider Auburn. Because of his encouragement and her desire to attend vet school, she chose Auburn. She decided to major in poultry science in the pre-vet/pre-professional track as a means to stand out from the crowd on a vet school application. However, as she immersed herself in poultry science classes and gained experience, she fell in love with the industry. Though she was having no problem making the grades necessary to get into vet school, she felt the Lord leading her life in another direction. She switched her major from poultry science pre-vet to poultry science production, and says she could not be happier with her decision! 

Karri calls choosing poultry science “the best educated guess I have ever made.” This educated guess has opened a world of opportunities for her. She has become involved with the poultry science club, and she now serves as its president. The club has a record involvement of 70 members this year under Karri’s leadership. Through this club, she has had the chance to attend the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta three years in a row. She has gained two internships from this expo, and had over ten interviews for jobs or internships from this year’s event. According to Karri, this is a common perk for students majoring in poultry.

“This is not unusual in the poultry science department; many of our students have several job opportunities upon graduation,” Karri explains.

Not only has Karri been involved in the Poultry Science Club, but she has also had many other opportunities within the College of Agriculture. She is a three-time participant in the Ag Alumni Mentoring Program, a program that matches College of Ag students with successful alumni to give resume critiques, share interview tips, arrange job shadowing and simply build professional relationships.  Karri regards this as an “indescribable chance to network and meet great people and peers.”

Karri also serves as an Ag Ambassador, recruiting prospective College of Ag students, networking with alumni and serving the college in many other valuable ways. She regards this as her favorite College of Agriculture experience.

“Speaking to prospective students at high school visits, as well as calling high school seniors and being able to explain to them that they will be able to attend their ‘dream school’ is the best experience anyone could ask for. Sharing a love of Auburn is the best!” Karri says.

Karri is on track to graduate in the fall of 2016, and she plans to begin a career with one of the numerous companies she has already interviewed with, and then one day go back to school to pursue a master’s degree. Once she moves on from Auburn, however, Karri will never forget the impact the College of Agriculture had on her life.

“I cherish the College of Ag for many reasons. When I transferred to Auburn I had been homeschooled for most of my life and was very timid and quiet,” she explains. “The College of Ag helps give people like me chances to grow and flourish. I would not be who I am today without the help of my College of Ag and Auburn Family, and I will be forever in their debt!”

Ellie Isbell is a sophomore studying agricultural communications and is originally from Muscle Shoals, Alabama. She is an Ag Ambassador, Auburn Athletics Marketing Department intern and Project Uplift mentor, in addition to being the editor of War Eagle Words.