War Eagle Words Student News


December 2016

Cam Humphrey

Meet Cam Humphrey, Lauren Cline and see pictures from the 2016 Fall Successful Women in Agriculture Conference.

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November 2016

Chad Hamm

Meet Chad Hamm, Codi Plaster and see photos from the 2016 DIG Leadership Conference.

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October 2016

Avery Lamb

Get to know Avery Lamb, Megan Ross and see photos from the 2016 Ag Alumni Mentoring Program.

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September 2016

Jake Patterson

Meet Jake Patterson, Michelle Bufkin and see photos from the 2016 Welcome Back Picnic.

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August 2016

Luke Knight

Meet Luke Knight, Brian Brown and see pictures from Camp War Eagle 2016!

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May 2016

Will Howard Wendland on a tractor

Meet Will Howard Wendland, Luxin Wang and check out pictures from Open House 2016.

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April 2016

Karri Fievet holding a chick

Meet Karri Fievet, Sandy Krietemeyer and see photos from the Cruise by the College event.

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March 2016

Carter Weis

Meet Carter Weis, Dave Williams and check out pictures from the 2016 Spring Judging Clinics.

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February 2016

Slater Robinson

Meet Slater Robinson, Jordan Moseley and learn about the 2016 Ag Ambassador Service & Professional Development Trip.

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January 2016

Charles Tatum

Meet Charles Tatum, Elizabeth Scarborough and see photos from the 2015 Ag Elite Luncheon.

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