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April 2015

YOU NEED TO KNOW: Lauren Cline

INTERVIEW BY Marlee Moore, JUNIOR/Agricultural communications

Lauren Cline2Lauren Cline graduated from Auburn with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics in 2010 and received her master’s degree in agricultural leadership from Texas A&M in 2012. A fourth generation Auburn graduate, Lauren returned to the Plains in 2014 as the College of Agriculture’s academic advisor. She lives with her husband Chad in Opelika.



What drew you to Auburn University and the College of Agriculture?

Although I grew up in Florida, my family was rooted in Alabama and agriculture, and I knew from a young age that I wanted to be an Auburn Tiger. I would visit for football games every year and dream about being a student on campus. When it finally came time to apply to colleges, I always had my eyes set on Auburn and fell in love with the College of Agriculture. Knowing I wanted a career in the agricultural industry, I loved the family and community of the College of Agriculture. There were so many ways to plug in, learn about innovative research in the industry and develop my leadership and career skills. I am proud to say that I am a fourth-generation Auburn University graduate!  I never could have imagined I would have the opportunity to continue my career path at Auburn doing what I love most – inspiring and educating students in the agricultural industry.

What advice do you have for students looking at Auburn University and the College of Agriculture?

Take the time to get to know faculty and staff members in the College of Agriculture. My faculty advisor, the late Bill Hardy, had a huge impact on my college experience and actually helped me discover my passion, not only for agriculture, but higher education. I will always cherish the mentoring I received from Dr. Hardy. Additionally, I would tell students to find as many ways as you can to gain experience. Whether it is a part-time job on campus or a summer internship, every experience you have will help shape your career skills and employability down the road. Challenge yourself daily; if it seems tough or out of your comfort zone, then it’s a sign you need to tackle the task. You never know how God will use that experience to prepare you for a position or task later on.

What is your favorite Auburn tradition? What has been your most exciting moment here at Auburn?

I’m not sure if this is considered a tradition, but it is definitely one of my favorite memories as a new student on campus. My first week at Auburn, I was eating lunch between classes on Samford Lawn when, to my surprise, the clock tower began playing our fight song at noon. I remember getting so excited and thinking, “This is why I love this place.” I love that my family is rooted in Auburn, and I hope to carry on that tradition!

What is your favorite place on Ag Hill?

I love Comer Hall. As an agricultural economics major, I spent most of my time here as a student and probably should have paid rent for the countless nights I spent studying with friends in the second floor computer lab or lecture room. I may be biased, but I think it is the prettiest building on campus with such tradition and charm.

Marlee Moore is a junior studying agricultural communications and is originally from Thomasville, Alabama. She is the Ag Ambassador secretary, Ag Council reporter and Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow vice president, in addition to being the editor of War Eagle Words.