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August 2014

YOU NEED TO KNOW: Andrew Pinyan

by Marlee Moore, Junior/Agricultural Communications

Andrew PinyanAndrew Pinyan is a College of Agriculture student leader you need to know. A senior in agricultural economics, Andrew is originally from Auburn, Alabama. He has been involved on campus as an Ag Ambassador and has held officer positions within Ag Council and Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity. Andrew is the Ag Council president for the 2014-15 school year. Read on to learn how Andrew got here and what advice he has for future ag students.

What drew you to Auburn University and the College of Agriculture?

Growing up in Auburn, I always had a pretty good idea where I’d be attending college. However, when I applied to and came to Auburn University, I didn’t know what I wanted to major in. In the end, my love for and interest in agriculture put me in the College of Agriculture, and I’ve loved every minute of it. The relationships I’ve gained with my peers and professors have been tremendous.

What advice do you have for students looking at Auburn University and the College of Agriculture?

I would tell anyone interested in attending college to heavily consider Auburn and the College of Agriculture. The College of Agriculture has diverse majors that can be tailored to meet any student’s professional interests. There’s no other place on Auburn’s campus that can offer as much as the College of Agriculture.  

What is your favorite Auburn tradition? What has been your most exciting moment here at Auburn?

My favorite Auburn tradition would have to be gameday. As an Auburn student, I’ve been to many opponents’ campuses for football games. There is no other place like Auburn when it comes to tailgating before and after a game. The word “family” is said a lot when talking about Auburn, and there is truly no other word to describe the atmosphere during fall when everyone is in town for a football game. The most exciting moment I’ve been a part of at Auburn is definitely the 2013 Auburn vs. Alabama game. It is thrilling to say I attended one of the best college football games of all time as a student at Auburn.

What would you consider your best learning experience outside of the classroom?

I’ve had the opportunity to intern in Washington D.C. with Senator Jeff Sessions and with Alabama Farm Credit the last two summers. It is great to know that the classes I take here are preparing me with the information I need to perform in the workforce once I graduate. I have always believed that there are some things vital to future success that you can’t learn in the classroom. I have made many connections and learned many skills through my internships, and I recommend the experience to every student at Auburn.  

What is Ag Council and what do you plan to accomplish as Ag Council president?

Ag Council is the College of Agriculture’s extension of SGA. We hold events like the Mr. and Miss College of Ag competition that bring the student body and faculty together. This upcoming year, I plan on engaging with the students, faculty and alumni within the College of Agriculture more than in years past. I believe Ag Council is one of the premier organizations at Auburn University and needs to have a strong voice on our campus. My goal is for the College of Agriculture to become more recognizable and be welcoming for every student on campus. To do this, it will be important to host university-wide events and heavily recruit prospective students throughout the year. One of the major events we host each year is Ag Week. Ag Week takes place in the spring semester, and since I’ve been at Auburn, the event has grown each year. I look forward to continuing this trend, and I plan on attracting more students outside of Ag Hill to our events. It’s my hope that, by the end of my presidency, I will leave Ag Council better off financially and with a stronger bond between our college and all of Auburn University.