War Eagle Words Student News

December 2014

Klint McCafferty hold a baby chick

Learn about poultry science/pre vet senior Klint McCafferty, meet animal sciences professor Dr. Christy Bratcher and check out pictures from the Mr. and Ms. College of Ag Competition.

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November 2014

Stephanie Campbell posing for a picture next to a pig

Learn about animal sciences/pre-vet senior Stephanie Campbell, meet crop, soil and environmental sciences professor Dr. David Weaver and check out pictures from the DIG Leadership Conference.

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October 2014

Dexter Clanton

Learn about turfgrass senior Dexter Clanton's summer internship with the Red Sox Grounds Crew, meet Auburn Plainsman Wiley Bailey and check out pictures from Ag Discovery Adventure and Ag Roundup.


September 2014

Matthew Golson

Learn about Matthew Golson's 13 week internship with the Green Bay Packers Grounds Crew, meet Dean Bill Batchelor and check out pictures from Welcome Week 2014.

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August 2014

Riley Shugg

Learn about animal sciences pre-vet senior Riley Shugg and her summer studying great white sharks off the coast of South Africa, meet Ag Council president Andrew Pinyan and check out pictures of the class of 2018.

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