Victoria Holland ‚ÄĒ Poultry Science


Victoria¬†Holland became interested in research during the last academic year when she was in Dr. Ken Macklin’s poultry health research lab. She is¬†especially interested in poultry research because of the huge number of research possibilities that can potentially be for practical benefit. Dr. Wallace Berry, Victoria’s mentor, initially caught her¬†attention because of his work¬†with breeders, laying hens, and hatchability/incubation. Dr. Berry’s work field is what Victoria would like to be associated with if she were to attend graduate school.

Victoria and Dr. Berry will examine whether or not changing the turning rate of eggs during incubation alters gut maturation by observing the changes in developmental biomarkers and gut morphology. Fertile chicken eggs will be incubated with standard and modified egg turning schedules. Egg turning schedules will be altered by changing the number of times per day that the eggs are turned. After incubating the eggs, Victoria will measure microscopic morphology of the gut, examine features associated with gut development, such as crypt depth and villus size. By examining these features, she will be able to notice if egg turning affects maturation of the gut. She will also measure biomarkers of gut development such as the appearance of specific enzymes and nutrient transporter proteins.

Project Title: Effect of incubational egg turning intervals on gut development in the chick, gut morphology, and developmental biomarkers.
Mentor: Dr. Wallace Berry, Department of Poultry Science