Trevor Cofer — Agronomy and Soils

Photo of Trevor Cofer in field doing research.

Trevor Cofer

Trevor Cofer is a sophomore majoring in agronomy and soils from Clanton, Alabama. Trevor was drawn to the College of Agriculture and undergrad research because each professor’s research was very closely related to the real world, and he realized the information researchers discovered today could make a real impact on producers tomorrow. Trevor’s research focuses on potassium and tomato growth. Potassium is a vital yet costly nutrient in tomato production. It is responsible for the transport of sugars, disease resistance, enzymatic activity and stomata control. Trevor’s research examines several sources of potassium applied at variable rates to tomatoes to determine their effect on plant growth and development, potassium uptake, yellow shoulder occurrences, yield and cost to producers.

Project title: Effect of potassium sources and rates on tomato growth and development, potassium uptake, yield, and fruit quality

Mentors: Dr. Julie Howe and Dr. Beth Guertal