Maddy Gohlke — Animal Sciences/ pre-vet


Maddy Gohlke

Maddy Gohlke is a sophomore majoring in animal sciences/pre-vet from Anniston, Alabama. She became interested in research when she job-shadowed and volunteered with the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Animal Resources Program. She followed different doctors, investigators and technicians every day and gained a comprehensive picture of the research facility and process. She was fascinated and loved exploring the various species and the ways they were used to solve different problems. This sparked her interest in research, and she began working with Dr. Brandebourg at Auburn. The goal of Maddy’s research is to determine the effects of mitochondrial DNA and surrogacy on adipose tissue development and metabolic disease using swine as a model. She does this by conducting embryo transfers between Yorkshire pigs, a lean breed, and Mangalica pigs, an obese breed, and collecting feed and production data on the piglets.

Project title: Impact of mitochondrial nuclear exchange on adiposity and metabolic markers in lean and obese pigs

Mentor: Dr. Terry Brandebourg