Evie Smith — Agronomy & Soils and Horticulture


Evie Smith

Evie Smith is a senior majoring in agronomy and soils and horticulture from Roswell, Georgia. She has been interested in aquaponics for several years. Aquaponics combines aquaculture and hydroponics by using fish waste to grow a fruit or vegetable crop, thus reducing water and fertilizer input and producing two crops— in the case of Evie’s research, tilapia and cucumbers. She began volunteering with the aquaponics project at the E.W. Shell Fisheries Research Center at the beginning of summer 2015, and she accepted a position as a student worker at the fisheries unit in the fall of 2015. She began her research during the spring 2016 semester. She is studying which combination of planting densities —one cucumber plant or two cucumber plants per container— and soilless media —pine bark or perlite— produces the most cucumbers per plant.

Project title: Effects of plant density and substrate type on cucumber production in a modified aquaponic system

Mentor: Dr. Daniel Wells