Allen Carroll — Agronomy and Soils

Photo of Allen Carroll research fellow. Allen Carroll

Allen Carroll is a junior majoring in agronomy and soils from Mobile, Alabama. Allen’s educational goal is to attend graduate school, and he knows research is a vital part of graduate course work. He began undergraduate research to prepare for that experience. His research focuses on the effect winter cover crops have on the mycorrhizal root association/colonization found in the subsequent cotton crop. Many plant species are predominantly mycorrhizal. This means the roots of the plant form mutualistic relationships with fungi. The fungus acts as an extension of the plant root system and allows for greater water and mineral nutrient absorption to the plant. Planting cover crops between the main cash crops provides many benefits to the subsequent crop in addition to soil erosion control. Cover crops also have the potential for increasing soil organic matter and aggregation and recycling nutrients which may be lost through leaching during fallow periods. Certain cover crops may result in an increase or decrease in the number of mycorrhizal root associations found in the subsequent crop. Allen is studying the arbuscular mycorrhizal associations of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) following different winter cover crops.

Project title: Effects of winter cover crops on mycorrhizal colonization of cotton roots

Mentors: Dr. Yucheng Feng