Mary Jo Toohey — Food Science-vet

Photo of Mary Jo Toohey

mary jo toohey

Mary Jo Toohey is a senior majoring in food science. Her research project consists of evaluating the stability of rebaudioside-A, a high intensity sweetener extracted from Stevia, in differing buffer solutions. During her project, some of the different buffer solutions will be exposed to UV light, while others will be kept in the dark. This will allow them to determine if the sweetness of rebaudioside-A is degraded if combined with various ingredients or exposed to UV light. Mary Jo says the College of Agriculture has prepared her for this project by providing consistent support and encouragement. As a student, she says she is always made aware of the opportunities Auburn presents to further her education. She says her favorite part about the research project is the direct correlation to current issues in the food industry and how her findings could make a difference in the real world.

Project title: Effect of UV Light on the Long-term Stability of Rebaudioside-A (high intensity sweetener)