Mallory McDaniel — Agronomy and Soils

Mallory-McdanielMALLORY McDANIEL

Mallory’s research deals with phosphorus and nitrogen, critical nutrients to plant development, which are applied to supplement agricultural fields, athletic fields, corporate landscaping, and home lawns and gardens on a regular basis. While these nutrients are necessary, they can cause negative effects to the environment through leaching and surface runoff when they are in excess or improperly managed. Much of the focus for exploring the negative effects of poor nutrient management is on inorganic fertilizers. As organic fertilizers are increasing in popularity and often touted for their low environmental impact, this research will compare nitrogen and phosphorus loss from common organic fertilizer, and widely used inorganic fertilizer.

This research should shed light on any misconceptions involving fertilizer use, affecting both industrial and residential practices. Mallory currently works in a lab that works with fertilizer varieties. She enjoys applying the knowledge she gains from her research to further her own goal of one day having a non-profit farm that practices sustainable agriculture.

Project Title: Field Evaluation of Inorganic and Organic Fertilizer Systems
Mentor: Dr. Beth Guertal, Crop, Soil and Environmental Science