Klinton McCafferty — Poultry Science

Photo of student in research labKlinton McCafferty

In the poultry industry, wheat is often used as a substitute for corn during the summer; however, a sudden switch in cereal grains and their differing fiber compositions can create production problems and negatively impact nutrient digestion. Klint’s experiment was conducted to determine the growth, performance and gut health of broilers fed diets containing wheat in a 42-day production period. Limited work has been done in this area, so his applied research will hopefully shed light on these problems and be effective throughout the poultry industry. When he finishes his undergraduate degree, Klint plans to attend graduate school and ultimately obtain a doctorate in non-ruminant nutrition. This fellowship has given him the confidence needed to continue into graduate school, taught him research methodology and allowed him to engage one-on-one with a professor in his desired discipline.

Project Title: Evaluation of Utilizing Wheat in Broiler Diets
Mentor: Dr. William Dozier, Department of Poultry Science