Judd Powell — Poultry Science/production

Photo of Judd Powell

Judd Powell

Judd Powell is a junior majoring in poultry science/production. His research project is a live-bird project where he will be measuring the daily intakes of pellets and the daily intake of fines in chickens. In his experiment, there will be two different sizes of corn, which could make a difference on which type of feed the birds will choose to eat. Judd says the College of Agriculture has sparked a desire in him to want to learn more about animal agriculture with a focus in poultry. He says he will use the knowledge he gains from this research project in his career and will have a basic understanding of how poultry research is conducted, which will help him to understand other research papers.

Project title: The Effects on Broiler Chicken Feeding Behavior and Nutrient Intake While Using Different Particle Sizes and Controlling Proportions of Fines