Stephen F. Enloe

Extension Specialist & Associate Professor
Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences faculty

Invasive Plants


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2002 Ph.D., University of California Davis (Plant Biology)
1997 M.S., Colorado State University (Weed Science)
1994 B.S., North Carolina State University (Agronomy)

Professional Activities:

My appointment is 70% extension, 30% research. My extension program focuses on training land managers in invasive plant identification, management, and restoration. I strongly emphasize Early Detection Rapid Response (EDRR) to prevent new invasions. I am also very interested in the social elements of invasive plants and the role of cooperative weed management areas (Gunderson et al. 2008).My research program focuses on invasive plant ecology and management. While my recent focus is the Southeastern United States, I maintain several projects in the Western US (primarily Wyoming and Colorado). From a purely applied standpoint, I find management solutions for invasive plants with every tool available including chemical, physical, cultural, and biological methods. From an ecological standpoint, I focus on how invasive plants and invasive plant management impact natural areas and pasture systems. Additionally, we need to understand the factors that cause variation in invasive plant treatment efficacy. These may include factors such as patch age and size, individual age and size, root and rhizome dynamics (for creeping perennials) and genetic differences. Current projects include understanding management impacts on cogongrass rhizomes, the influence of invasive shrub crown size in relation to management, and herbicide efficacy studies on numerous invasive plants.

Professional Experience:

2008-present Assistant Professor, Auburn University, Auburn, AL
2003-2007 Assistant Professor, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY
2002-2003 Post Doctoral Researcher, USDA-ARS, Davis, CA

Professional Societies Membership:

  • Weed Science Society of America
  • Society for Range Management
  • Southern Weed Science Society
  • Alabama Invasive Plant Council
  • Western society of Weed Science

Note to Potential Graduate Students:

Are you interested in bridging the gap between applied weed science and ecology? In my program you will develop and work on a project that integrates both disciplines. I expect my students to be able to work independently and direct undergraduate assistants. I also give ample opportunities to do outreach through presentations at professional meetings, through cooperative extension meetings, and many other outlets. As a graduate student, you will have opportunities for field, lab and greenhouse research. You will get to travel extensively. You will have fun. And most importantly, you will work hard and publish your research.


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Auburn Univ, AL 36849