Photo of Samantha Sechler

Samantha Sechler

HOMETOWN: Berea, Ohio
Animal Sciences undergraduate

Sam is an Ohio native studying animal sciences in an accelerated master’s degree program in hope of becoming a feedlot nutritionist.

 What made you choose your major?
I chose my major after a mission trip to Latin America. While there we met with families who relied solely on agriculture to provide food for their families. One family in particular would walk their cattle from village to village in order for them to graze. This really sparked my interest and my desire to work with cattle. Now I am pursuing a career in beef cattle nutrition! I think that being exposed to the necessity of providing food to cattle shaped my career choice. Animal sciences was the logical choice for me to obtain this goal. I then chose production and management because I feel that it best prepares me for a career in the industry. 

 How was the transition from living in Ohio to living in the South?
My transition from living in Ohio to living in the South is still happening! The weather has probably been the biggest adjustment. I have gotten used to the hot summers, just as we get used to the cold winters in Ohio! I do appreciate the lack of snow though. Another ongoing transition is my accent, I have started to incorporate southern slang and pronunciation into my speech! While I do pick up on different customs and traditions, the general values in the South mirror the Midwest values I grew up with. Overall it has been a great opportunity to see the similarities and differences between the regions of our country. It is amazing how each region is unique, but we all make up one great nation. 

 What’s been your favorite class in the College of Agriculture?
My favorite class has been the Practicum in Livestock Welfare and Management. I took the class freshman year and was able to gain a lot of hands-on experience. We spent each class period at the animal teaching units where we were able to help with the everyday production. This made me more comfortable around the animals and gave me insight into the daily operations of livestock producers. 

 Are you a morning or night person?
I am absolutely a night owl! Getting out of the bed is the worst part of my day! Even when I am tired all day, I get my second wind at night. I am the most productive in the evening and do most of my studying then. 

 What’s one thing people would never guess about you?
I don’t think people would guess that I am very introverted and shy. Talking in front of people or to people I don’t know completely terrifies me! I give myself pep talks whenever I have to give presentations or talk to strangers. I enjoy being around people and socializing but I definitely need my “me time”. If I don’t get enough alone time, watch out, because I definitely get grumpy!

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