* Olin C. Medlock

Olin C. Medlock was born in 1899 in Albertville, Alabama, and grew up on a Sand Mountain farm. He graduated from Auburn University in 1924 with a B.S. degree in horticulture and from Michigan State University in 1927 with the M.S. in horticulture.

Medlock taught horticulture at Auburn during 1927-34 before joining the Soil Erosion Service, the forerunner of the USDA Soil Conservation Service, in 1934. He became state conservationist in 1936. He continued to head SCS in Alabama for 29 years until his retirement December 30, 1965.

He was the driving force behind the development of Alabama’s SCS program into a national leader. He organized soil and water conservation districts, encouraged farmers to develop and carry out conservation plans, helped develop water sources for better distribution of grazing, implemented a strong soil survey program, promoted mulch tillage planting, and was instrumental in implementing the Public Law 566 small watershed program. He was recognized as “The Progressive Farmer” Man of the Year in 1953.

Medlock continues to operate a 263-acre beef cattle farm in Lee County where he practices the soil conservation practices he has promoted throughout his long and productive life.

He is married to the former Minnie Lee Lasseter and they have three daughters.