Kristen Pegues

HOMETOWN: Fairhope, Alabama
Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences


What is the best thing about being a student in the College of Agriculture?

The best thing about being a student in the College of Agriculture is having a smaller family inside of the Auburn Family.

What attracted you to your chosen field?

I was attracted to the field of agriculture through my experience of growing up on the Auburn University Gulf Coast Research and Extension Center in Fairhope. Being surrounded by fields of crops reminded me each day that I need to be able to spend time outside in any career that I have. I also enjoy seeing the different varieties of plants; therefore I have chosen Agronomy and Soils as my field of study.

What is your favorite Auburn tradition? What has been your most exciting moment here at Auburn?

My favorite Auburn tradition is watching the eagle fly around Jordan-Hare before the start of a football game. All eyes are focused on the eagle and the roar of the crowd cheering “WAR EAGLE” brings so much energy into the stadium.

What are your hobbies?

Some of my hobbies include boating, fishing, watching movies and most importantly being with family and friends.

When your not in class, where do you spend most of your time?

When not in class, I spend the majority of time in Dunn Hall with all the other Dunnsters.