Katherine Pittman

HOMETOWN: Hazel Green, Alabama
Animal Sciences

“It’s like being part of a giant family. The student body is a really tight group, partly because of the relatively low number of students. It’s also true because the faculty and administration puts so much effort into maintaining a low faculty to student ratio. It’s true when they say that the CoAg is the place where everybody knows your name.”

What can you always be found with:

I don’t usually go far without a book to read.

My life in one word:

Hyperactive. I bounce from one job or hobby to the next without waiting to catch my breath.

What are your plans after graduation:

Right now I have my heart set on Vet School, but if I don’t get in the first time I apply, I plan on working on a Masters degree here at Auburn.

What has been your favorite Class:

I loved all the history classes I took Freshman year, but my favorite class by far has been Muscle Foods.

How has CoAg prepared you for grad school or a career:

The curriculum in CoAg emphasizes real world skills; skills that translate directly into whatever career you plan on pursuing. For example, in animal sciences the professors like to focus good management policies, especially in terms of livestock. The ability to maintain a high quality of life in herds as well as individual animals is a crucial skill for any animal related career, from the Vet’s office to the farm.

What’s the hardest adjustment you’ve had to make coming to Auburn:

Learning to discipline myself. I don’t always balance my time very well, and that’s imperative if you want to do well academically and still have time for activities outside of class.