* Charles F. Simmons

Dr. Charles F. Simmons was born May 17, 1910, in Andalusia, Alabama. He attended Southwestern at Memphis for two years, but then transferred to Auburn University where he received the B.S. in agriculture in 1932 and M.S. in agronomy in 1934. After one year as assistant county agent in Winston County, he enrolled at Ohio State University where he received his Ph.D. in agronomy in 1937.

Simmons worked seven years as an agronomist with the University of Arkansas Extension Service and two years as associate agronomist with the Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station. In 1946, he became head of the department of agronomy at Auburn, a position he held until becoming associate dean of the School of Agriculture and assistant director of the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station in 1951. He continued as associate dean until his retirement in 1980, during which time 4,323 B.S.,
1,211 M.S., and 321 Ph.D. degrees in disciplines of the School of Agriculture were awarded.

The outstanding service to students, faculty, and alumni provided by Simmons is indicated by the many recognitions he receive, including Honorary State FFA Degree, 1960; “The Progressive Farmer” Man of the Year, 1969; Alabama Crop Improvement Association Man of the Year, 1974; Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award, 1977; and Howard Strong Memorial Award, 1980. The street in front of Comer Hall was named Simmons Drive at his retirement.

Simmons has one daughter, Mrs. Hanna Pickworth, and one granddaughter.