Photo of Ben F. Bowden

* Ben F. Bowden

Ben Bowden was born in Barbour County and reared in Eufaula. After graduating from Eufaula High School and with no practical background, the 19-year old Bowen began farming on 75 acres in southern Russell County. Natural leadership abilities and a can-do attitude enabled him to grow his operation into the largest and most successful family farm in Russell County.

Bowden attributes his success to education and a willingness to try new methods. Always on the cutting edge of new technology, he was one of the first in his area to embrace conservation farming, alternate fertilizers, no-till farming, twin-row peanuts, cotton harvesting modules and many other initiatives.

Bowden has an impressive agricultural farming operation and he shares his love of the land with others. He is first and foremost an advocate of the producer. A firm believer that you should put the interest of the group or industry ahead of your own, Bowden believes you should< always give a truthful analysis of a situation even when it may not be the most popular thing to do. He taught, by example, that individuals must get involved in politics if you want to keep good people who understand agriculture in positions of leadership and decision-making.

His sense of responsibility and commitment is demonstrated by the boards and committees on which he served. Bowden continues to be a strong and forceful leader, taking the initiative on agricultural and conservation issues that impact the land and the people who live and work it. His influence has been far-reaching and diversified. He has truly served agriculture with honor and distinction and an unrelenting desire to improve the public’s opinion of farmers. It has been said that Ben Bowden is one of a diminishing breed – he still finds time for community and all activities relating to agriculture.

Ben Bowden is married to Mary Ann Collins Bowden. They have four children: Franke, Kathy, Ben and Nick; and five grandchildren; and one great grandchild.