Withdrawal or Resignation


The University has developed procedures to assist those enrolled students who find it necessary to resign from their enrollment. The following information is designed to help students in making a smooth transition from and to enrollment at the University. Resignation of enrollment is defined as a complete withdrawal from all current class registrations. This is separate from the dropping of individual courses.

Students officially resigning prior to the start of a term will not be held liable for those fees defined as refundable. If the student resigns within the first fifteen days of classes, all refundable fees will be refunded. While students resigning during the first fifteen days of classes will be refunded all applicable fees, a $100.00 resignation fee will be charged to the student. The liability for fees will not be excused for resignations effective after the 15th class day except in cases of resignation caused by personal illness (physicians statement required) or a call into active duty military service (copy of activation orders required, excluding temporary training assignments). NOTE – The fifteenth class day deadline applies to the fall and spring semesters. The fifth class day of any summer term or session is the deadline. This policy refers to tuition and related fees. See below for information on housing and meal plan refunds. Examples of non-refundable fees include parking permits, ID charges, and athletic tickets.

A pro-rata reduction will be made in cases of personal illness and a full reduction for military service activation. Students having made prior payment will be refunded the amount paid less their liability after the resignation. Resigning students receiving refunds will first have their refunds applied to any outstanding obligations and to any scholarship, grant, or loan which they have received for the term.

Students who believe that extenuating circumstances warrant an exception to the refund policy must submit an appeal in writing to the Director, Office of the Bursar, 202 Martin Hall. Acceptance or rejection of the appeal will be mailed within 10 business days.

Any Federal Title IV Financial Aid recipients who resign will be liable for any unearned funds received as determined by the Federal Return of Funds Policy (see below). These amounts will be charged back to the student’s Bursar account.


Should you find it necessary to resign your enrollment at Auburn University, please follow these steps to assure that your academic record is protected and that you bring to closure any financial obligations or refunds that may be due.

  1. The student resigning from the University needs to report to his/her academic advisor. The academic advisor will process a Resignation Form. The form indicates the term of resignation and the effective date of the resignation. Students may resign for personal, health, or military reasons. Students resigning for health reasons will be asked to provide medical documentation from their physician stating that the student had to withdraw for medical reasons. Any student resigning for active military service will be asked to provide a copy of his/her military orders.
    For students resigning after drop/add and prior to mid-term, grades of “W” are assigned to all courses. If the resignation, for whatever reason, is processed after mid-term, each instructor will report letter grades. Passing grades will be processed as grades of “W,” and failing grades will be processed as grades of “WF.” Students who resign are subject to any academic action incurred as a result of failing grades.
  2. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the Office of Financial Aid, the Office of the Bursar, and the Office of Admissions and Records. The Office of Admissions and Records will leave the courses in “WITHDRAWAL” status according to standard guidelines when a Military Resignation is processed. In the case of withdrawal for active military service, the Bursar will review the military documents to determine the status of active duty and eligibility for refund.
  3. Housing – Housing refunds will be prorated based on the day the student moves out of University housing. For additional information, contact AU Housing at 334-844-4580.
  4. Meal Plans – Meal plan refunds will be prorated based on the date the student cancels the plan. For additional information, contact Sodexho Marriott at 334-844-1200.