Transient Approval

An Auburn student in Good Standing, which can be in Academic Warning but not on Suspension, may be approved to take courses at another institution on a transient basis for one term. In order to do so, you must complete a transient form either online or with the COA Academic Advisor. To obtain a transient form, please follow the instructions for the scenario that best describes you.


If you are on Academic Warning OR will be a senior by credit hours (90 or more) at the end of the term:

  1. Schedule an appointment with the COA Academic Advisor in the Student Services Office, located in 105 Comer Hall
  2. Determine the courses you wish take at the institution and make note of the course numbers
  3. For the courses selected, identify the AU equivalent courses by referencing the Transfer Course Equivalency Tables
  4. Complete the Student Transient Form
  5. Obtain signatures from the COA Academic Advisor and Office of the Registrar

If you are a Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior (less than 90 credit hours) in Good Standing:

  1. Go to AU Access.
  2. Click Student Menu on the My Academics tab.
  3. Click Transient Enrollment for Auburn Students at Other Institutions.
  4. Read the guidelines thoroughly and accept the terms.
  5. Choose a term and click Select.
  6. Choose the state in which you plan to study and click Select.
  7. Choose an institution and click Select.
  8. Choose the courses you wish to take and click Search.
  9. Once you have put in all your desired courses, click Proceed to Transient Form to print out your form; a copy of the form will automatically be sent to the COA Student Services Office.
  10. Go to your academic advisor if you cannot find your institution or courses as options.
  11. Provide the printed transient form to the institution you plan to attend to register for the courses.

After completion of transient course, it’s the student’s responsibility to request that a transcript be sent back to Auburn University. Send transcripts to:     

Admissions Processing
1550 East Glenn Avenue
Suite 1210
Auburn, AL 36849

No credit earned at another institution by a student on academic suspension from Auburn will be used in clearing a suspension or in meeting requirements for an Auburn University Degree (AU Bulletin – Grades).

This form will be reviewed based on your current academic status and any change in your academic standing will alter the eligibility of the credit to be used in meeting graduation requirements. (i.e., you are put on academic suspension after you have completed the form and had course work approved).