Photo of the amphitheatre at Ag Heritage ParkAmphitheatre

Arguably the most exciting feature at the Park is still in the planning stages.  The Amphitheater is being designed as an adjoining structure to the Pavilion, set just to the north of the Pavilion and sloping down toward the pond. Seating will face southwest and should accommodate approximately 200. Preliminary plans include an earthen stage area.

Pictured below is the expected view of this venue.

Preliminary plans are still being considered for this facility which will be used for a variety of student programs, educational seminars, and special events such as music festivals, outdoor plays and community theater.  The amphitheater will be made available for public rental. Initial estimates are $225,000 to $250,000 for construction.

A benefactor has not been identified yet for this versatile feature.  If you are interested in this opportunity or for more information, contact Robert Hensarling at 334-844-3596.