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We’re building a better world in all kinds of exciting ways. Explore our diverse range of majors and programs below to find how you can join us.

Close up of hand clicking on a laptop mouse, searching ag business economics majors

This is how we build economies and strengthen communities.

We use business and social principles to advance society on local, regional, national and global scales.

Major in Agricultural Business & Economics


TV Broadcast Video Control Studio

 This is how we spread knowledge to the world.

We use advanced media to share information and new methods with communities, producers and industry.

Major in Agricultural Communications


Teacher with students in computer class

This is how we prepare the next generation.

We train teachers to educate students how on they too can improve billions of lives through their work.

Major in Agriscience Education


Auburn University Crop Soil and Environmental Sciences Turfgrass professor displaying herbicide resistant weeds

This is how we build the foundation for the world’s largest industry.

We produce healthier food for your kitchen, better fiber for your clothes and a more beautiful natural environment for work and play.

Major in Agronomy and Soils


Auburn University Animal Sciences student with horse

This is how we maintain life and feed a growing population.

We use science to ensure the nutrition and welfare of animals and healthy, sustainable food sources for people everywhere.

Major in Animal Sciences


Precision Agriculture display screen in tractor

This is how we advance technology to develop cleaner, safer energy.

We use biology and engineering to create more efficient production methods and a cleaner, safer place to live.

Major in Biosystems Engineering


Student doing experiment in science lab

This is how we conserve and protect the natural world around us.

We use scientific and policy studies to understand nature, its greatest human threats and how we can make it better.

Major in Environmental Science



This is how we feed a growing population while protecting our natural resources.

We innovate new methods and systems to produce healthier, more abundant food for communities worldwide.

Major in Fisheries, Aquaculture, & Aquatic Sciences


Auburn University Food Science Camp students

 This is how we ensure safe, quality food.

We continually work to advance every step of the food system, start to finish, to provide the healthiest food products for a growing population.

Major in Food Science


Auburn University Horticulture student with flowers

This is how we create healthier food and more beautiful communities.

We work to impact everything from human health and nutrition to the simple beauty of the world around us.

Major in Horticulture


Feeding chickens with yellow boots

This is how we develop healthier sources of food.

We work to ensure your food is grown, developed and produced in the safest, healthiest ways possible.

Major in Poultry Science