Funded Projects

Project Title



Markers and genes for sex determination in Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas

John Liu
Qi Li

Forecasting the Ecological Health of Coastal Waters in Alabama and China

Alan E. Wilson
Sun Dajiang

Altering the Desaturase Pathway with Multiple Transgenes to Elevate Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Catfish

Rex A. Dunham
Zhenkui Qin

Enhancing fish nutrition, growth performance and disease resistance using a synbiotic approach

Jeffery Terhune
Wenbing Zhang

Genetic resources for Ark Shell bivalves: An evolutionary perspective on aquaculture resources.

Kenneth M. Halanych
Lingfeng Kong

Assessing impacts of climate change and human activity on ecosystems and fishery resources along the eastern coast of China and US by using an integrated terrestrial-coastal ocean observation and modeling framework

Shufen Pan
Yongjun Tian

Evaluation of microbial communities in aquaculture systems by using metagenomics approaches

Luxin Wang
Xiangli Tian

Comprehensive Energy Harvesting and Nutrients Recovery from Animal Wastes using Integrated Biological-Electrochemical System

Yi Wang
Liang Guo