Productive Land Use Systems (PLUS) Projects

Auburn faculty and staff who contributed to the Agroforestry projects:

PLUS Project – 1991-1996

Frank Brockman, Chief of Party Agronomist
John Dale (Zach) Lea, Agricultural Economist/Monitoring & Evaluation, marketing
Dennis Shannon, Associate Professor, Agronomy and Soils, Campus Coordinator, agroforestry
Curtis Jolly, Professor, Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology, marketing
Joel Timyan, Forester, Tree Germplasm Improvement
Kyung Yoo, Professor, Agricultural Engineering

PLUS Project – 1996-2001

John Dale (Zach) Lea, Chief of Party, Marketing Specialist
Dennis Shannon served as Campus Coordinator
Consultants from outside Auburn were too numerous to list

*reports are listed in descending numerical order

Report, Final. Technical assistance to the PLUS project: Final report of the South-East Consortium for International Development(SECID) and Auburn University

Report 52. Findings of surveys on yam (Dioscorea spp.) production in the Grande Anse Department, Haiti

Report 51. Cowpea variety trials in northwest Haiti

Report 50. Training manual for improving cocoa production in Haiti

Report 49. Haiti small-scale coffee producers production, processing, quality control, and marketing

Report 48. Technical support to Haitian cacao

Report 47. Technical assessment the irrigation systems of Marigot and Jacmel and preliminary observations on the Marigot Watershed

Report 46. Research on peanut varieties adapted to cultural conditions in the Northwest and Grande-Anse de Haïti

Report 45. Research on cassava varieties adapted to conditions on the northwest peninsula of Haiti 

Report 44. A study of the adaption of sweet potato (Ipomea batata) varieties to growing conditions in Northwest Haiti

Report 43. Trial comparing resistance of bean varieties to golden mosaic and heat stress

Report 42. A study on cultural methods to control black rot in yam tubers in a traditional Haitian agroforestry system

Report 41. Haitian oak (Catalpa longissma (Jacq.) Dum. Cours) seed orchards and progeny trials in Haiti: 1988-1996

Report 40. Mahogany (Swietenia)trials in Haiti: 1989-1996

Report 39. Five year results of a neem (Azadirachta indica) trial at Roche Blanche, Haiti

Report 38. Evaluation de provenances de Gliricidia sepium (Jacq.) Walp. en Haïti

Report 37. Five year results of the Pinus trial near Kenscoff, Haiti

Report 36. Comparison of species of Casuarina at Lapila (Pignon) Haiti: Results of five year growth

Report 35. Five year results of Senna siamea trials in Haiti

Report 34. Results of growth of provenances of Enterolobium cyclocarpum after five years in Haiti

Report 33. Study of provenances of Cordia alliodora in Haiti: results after 5 years of growth

Report 32. Results of a two year case study on gully plugs

Report 31. Assessment of growth of provenances of Cedrela odorata after five years in Haiti

Report 30. The effects of alley cropping and other soil conservation practices on maize (Zea mays) yields over two years of cropping

Report 29. Soil profile descriptions for agroforestry research sites in Haiti

Report 28. Increasing the marketability of manioc and breadfruit products by improving processing techniques

Report 27. The effects of Leucaena hedgerow management on maize and hedgerow biomass yields over two years of cropping

Report 26. Plant disease problems in banana and plantain in Haiti

Report 25. Further assessment and refinementof the PLUS M&E system

Report 24. Management and impact of hedgerows: PADF/Camp-Perrin

Report 23. Impact of tree planting in Haiti: 1982-1995

Report 22. Rates of adoption of PLUS Project interventions, Northwest Haiti, July 1994

Report 21. Consultancy report: Integrated Pest Management in vegetables gardens in Haiti, October 1994

Report 20. Inventory of crop varieties in Haiti or with potential value in Haiti

Report 19. Water harvesting and small-scale irrigation

Report 18. Project PLUS baseline information (revised)

Report 17. Initial financial evaluation of hedgerows

Report 16. First assessment and refinement the PLUS M&E system: Port-au-Prince, Haiti, February 16 – March 9, 1994

Report 15. Evaluation of tree species adaptation for alley cropping in four environments in Haiti. B. First year of pruning

Report 14. Food marketing in Northwest Haiti CARE Regions I-IV

Report 13. Farmer Needs Assessment Exploratory Surveys: PADF Les Cayes Region 1

Report 12. Farmer Needs Assessment Exploratory Surveys: PADF Mirebalais Region 3

Report 11. Farmer Needs Assessment Exploratory Surveys: PADFJACMEL Region 2

Report 10. Farmer Needs Assessment Exploratory Surveys: CARE Northwest Regions 2, 3, & 4

Report 09. Farmer Needs Assessment Exploratory Surveys: PADF Hatien Region 3

Report 08. Farmer Needs Assessment Exploratory Surveys: field information acquisition guide and methodology

Report 07. Farmer Needs Assessment Exploratory Surveys: executive summary and recommendations, May 28 – August 28, 1993

Report 06. Evaluation of tree species adaptation for alley cropping in four environments in Haiti. A. Establishment phase

Report 05. Guide to the literature and organizations involved in agribusiness research and agribusiness development in Haiti

Report 04. Report on research on commercialization of agricultural products in the intervention areas of the PLUS project

Report 03. Monitoring and evaluation system for PLUS

Report 02. A review of PDAI and ADS II project technologies 

Report 01. Status of see orchards and tree improvement trials in Haiti and plan of activities 1993-1994